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So I did it. I finally created a website for myself that covers all of my creative endevors. You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting and needing to do it and… voila! After basically forcing myself and having nothing to eat except pretzels for almost 8 hours yesterday, I created my new site.

Along the way I got sidetracked many times while searching for photos. I discovered a bunch of infant photos and videos of my daughter who is now 5. Chances are if you are reading this, you know me already, so what I’m about to say will be a big old yawnnnnn.

I just LOVE my kid!

Motherhood has kicked my ass in so many ways. Seriously, it’s the most exhausting thing I’ve ever done, and it’s CONSTANT.  5 years after being pregnant, my back STILL HURTS! Even though she’s in school now, there is still no rest for the weary. When she comes home she is a ball of energy (sometimes happy energy, sometimes tired, cranky energy) that depletes mine within about an hour, lol!

However, I adore her. Like “Until the end of time, I truly adore” her adore her… Completely and wholly. She is my very best friend, and the silliest person I’ve ever met. She’s beautiful and kooky and amazing. Like, I can’t even believe I made this little awesome person! She has a speech delay, but she surprises me everyday with her progress. I love watching the “wheels turn” while she is trying to process, understand and respond to something that she doesn’t automatically “get”. I appreciate so much how hard she is working in school, because some things are a more challenging for her than “typically developing” (as they call it) kids. I have never loved any single person more than her. She inspires me everyday. 🙂

So the first post of my website is dedicated to my boosey, ladybug, booseybug, bunnybuns, bugs, booseybunny, littles, princess boo-boo, my empress of everything… Mehrunnisa!

And yeah, there will be alot of posts about her… 😉

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